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Blocked on Inventor 2014 Pro install

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05-31-2013 11:12 AM

Hi All

I downloaded and installed Inventor Pro 2014 without any indicated errors or messages other than install was a success. On first Invoke, Inventor refused to open and exited with the dialog box to send a crash report to Autodesk, which I cancelled. I then attempted to uninstall, but windows said uninstaller was corrupt or missing. I had no choice but to go into regedit and manually delete all references to Inventor 2014 I could find via search and then manually delete all of the installed folders.


I re-downloaded the installers from ADN site ( I am ADN , not regular customer ) and re-extracted completely new install folder and reran installer - Installer says Inventor 2014 is still installed, so obviously , I missed some locations in my registry - Is there any way to purge this corrupt install? - the original installer did not install anything I could use to reinstall - there is no utility I could find to repair, or anything


I am completely stuck - No Inventor 2014, no way to get it off and reinstall that I can get to work


Any suggestions?

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Re: Blocked on Inventor 2014 Pro install

05-31-2013 02:25 PM in reply to: jimbo22

To Diagnose and Fix installation problems automatically, please see the new Microsoft tool for this here:

For more information on the Autodesk KB Support article concerning the clean uninstall of Autodesk products, see this link:

For all other installation problems on Windows XP SP2 or below consider using the Microsoft Installer Clean Up Utility. For more information on this program, please my forum post here:


As for your crash, you probably need to have a certified video driver installed. 

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