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Blank Activation Screen

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12-21-2010 09:27 PM

In early Dec 2010 I downloaded AutoCAD 2011 (I already had the 2010 version).  When I opened it, a screen appeared with the option to 'TRY' or 'ACTIVATE'.  When I clicked on Activate the next screen appeared but it was blank except for 2 radio buttons without any text attached.  Supposedly, I have to get a request code from that screen to activate but obviously I can't.


Does anyone have any suggestions for this particular problem?

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Re: Blank Activation Screen

12-22-2010 09:45 AM in reply to: gmijares

I am having the same issue with AutoCad 2011 LT.  I havent been able to get any help on this matter. Please someone Help Us!

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Re: Blank Activation Screen

12-23-2010 11:55 AM in reply to: jstarnes74
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Re: Blank Activation Screen

12-23-2010 01:47 PM in reply to: DarrenP

I've had this problem for the last two days, after my student licence expired.

The steps described in do NOT change anything for me.

Please, this issue needs attention.

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Re: Blank Activation Screen

01-02-2011 10:33 AM in reply to: gmijares

I solved it... here's the REAL problem.

Your computer is blocking activex controls.

The first solution is to go into Internet explorer>Tools>internet options or control panel > internet options.

Under the security tab, choose internet zone. Click custom level, and enable the options pertaining to ActiveX ontrols ans java scripting. Then you SHOULD be able to view the controls that were blocked out in the blank activation screen.

This didn't work for me, but it works for others, so I hear.

The second solution for me was to enter the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\AdLM\R1\en-US\Webdepot folder, which is where the registry HTMLs are stored. These are the pages that the blank screen shows on.

Open the RTBeginReg.html in a text editor like notepad. Add the following line of code below the <html> line.

<!-- saved from url=(0016)http://localhost -->

This marks the page as SAFE. Save and you should be able to enter your code and stuff.

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Re: Blank Activation Screen

01-03-2011 09:39 AM in reply to: gmijares

wow... great! the second one works, but there's still one problems. when i confirm the activation, i've got some script errors :/ and it appears all the time whenever i click anything. any advice?


thank you :smileywink:

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Re: Blank Activation Screen

01-03-2011 11:39 AM in reply to: JarretDD

AutoCAD 2011 on Windows XP.. Blank Activation Screen


sorry to trouble you all but neither of those options have worked for me  .. going through Regedit or through ActiveX scripting

any idesa ??

not even through the link to the html's in the registry ...

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Re: Blank Activation Screen

01-05-2011 01:38 PM in reply to: glats

hello friend

if system ms vindows sries;

create new admin accont to system => login to admin accont => start activation license maneger :smileywink:


:manvery-happy: god bye


Türkiyeden selamlar

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Re: Blank Activation Screen

01-07-2011 05:07 AM in reply to: lastmagnetic
To those still getting the blank screen (and internet opions, registry editing and running as admin doesn't work), I strongly suggest you follow the steps in my last post (regarding the tag added to the HTML document). If the first screen works, but you still get bugged by scripts on other pages, add the tag the other HTMLs in the folder. I didn't have to add it to all of them, only the relevant ones. Be sure to remove Autodesk's tag if there is one.
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Re: Blank Activation Screen

01-10-2011 12:08 PM in reply to: JarretDD

A quick and easy way to fix this not with just AutoCad but if you have the same problem with other pro grams is, open 'run' command, type in 'regedit' go to 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Microsoft, Internet Settings, Zones' you will see under Zones are six files each named 'L' '0' '1' '2' '3' '4',  delete the file named 'L', that is the activex problem, you can uninstall it from your PC but these are "parasite" files that stay in the system. Problem solved quick and easy:smileywink:

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