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Autodesk Subscription Contract Renewal question

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10-22-2012 10:25 PM



Our Auto desk Subscription Contract Renewal is pending this month, I have already taken quote from resellers but my question about this can we want to split one of the contract into two reseller to have better support in the future for Inventor.


We have one contract number for Inventor under which we have 2 network license. Can we split this two license into two resellers with one cotract number? I have already asked resellers upon it but they told me that one contract number can not be spit in to two resellers.Please let me know on it.




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Re: Autodesk Subscription Contract Renewal question

10-22-2012 11:47 PM in reply to: software-fin
Hi a.jathar,
As Contract Renewal is based on your Licenses or Serial Number, you can have 2 resellers per Contract.
So if you currently have one Serial Number with multiple seats, you can just tell your current reseller that you are only renewing this/these number of seat/s for now. Once processed and they already provided you with an Autodesk Order Number, then you can renew the remaining seats with other resellers.
What will happen is that you will provided 2 different Renewal Numbers or Quote Numbers.
Hope this answers your question.

Joane Bonghanoy
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