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Autodesk Simulation CFD License problems

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07-03-2013 06:58 AM

I have obtained license for Autodesk CFD 2013 for a new PC (replacement), and haven't been able to get Autodesk CFD to open. After trying a number of suggested fixes over the past week, I downloaded and installed the files again. When I try to open Autodesk CFD, I get a message that the FLEXnet license server manager can't find licensing data, even though that location was input during the installation process. If then I browse and specify the license file (the one that was recently provided), I get a message that a valid license could not be obtained (error[-15.10.10061]).

If I open up LMTOOLS, the server for Autodesk isn't listed (under Service/License File. I also use LMTOOLS for my MSC software (Patran/Nastran; these are working), but I locate that LMTOOLS in a different folder. This doesn't seem to matter, though, since when I open up the LMTOOLS in the Autodesk Network License Manager folder, it lists the MSC server. 

So if the problem is that the Autodesk server isn't listed in LMTOOLS, how can I get it listed there (in addition to the MSC server)? 

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Re: Autodesk Simulation CFD License problems

07-03-2013 09:36 AM in reply to: eszendrei

Simply add a new service and configure it for Autodesk. 


My quickstart guide will show you exactly how.  You might also look at my combining license files article because it also explains how to combine the LMTOOLS from multiple vendors. 


For a Quick-Start Guide on configuring the Autodesk License Manager, please see my post for further information:


For the best method to properly combine your license managers, please read my entire thread here and choose the method that best fits your needs:

For best results, respond with any follow-ups here and not in my KB thread. Thanks!

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