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Re: Autodesk 2012 refuses to recognize new or old serial number

06-07-2012 07:10 PM in reply to: cadmgr

Hi Cadmgr,


Thanks for the honest and detailed feedback! We’re constantly trying to improve our support model. It’s changed a lot from its original days and it’s going to keep changing as customers’ needs and the way we can deliver support evolve.


For that reason, we’re always open to suggestions and comments. So whatever you'd like to suggest, critique, comment, compliment, vent, or discuss about - we’re listening! Always feel free to send me a private message or you can find most of the forum team over in the Feedback forum. Go ahead and start a new thread in there if you got some ideas you'd like us to check out!


As for this technical issue, definitely keep us updated. If you need more help, you're in the right place. :smileyhappy:



Jillian Bejtlich
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Re: Autodesk 2012 refuses to recognize new or old serial number

06-10-2012 10:26 AM in reply to: cadmgr

I had a similar situation with an unrelated company. The "hugeness" of the company we're dealing with here should not hinder our ability to get prompt support as customers. Callbacks the next day where a message was left to call the support person back, only to be limited to leaving them a message and start the whole process over is unaccaptable. The vender needs to do whatever it takes to imeadiately solve the problem. I don't care how much it costs autodesk to provide such service. The software is supposed to download smoothly, if an error occours in download there darn well needs to be a fix at the ready. Of course there are many many reasons for an error in downloading for example because of all the variables involved. But if autodesk hasn't prepared for most conflict issues that can be instantly used by the user...the one who paid big bucks for the software...then autodesk is NOT providing support. I should be able to call and have someone answer the phone and promptly fix the problem. Not a timing consuming phone system that results in a call back if you're lucky only to have the person calling you back that knows absolutely nothing about your problem.

This is just one senerio I've commonly run into when dealing with large organizations. The common reply when you express impatients is something along the lines of...We get thousands of calls and have millions of customers...we couldn't possibly....


BS! millions of customers mean lots of money for your organization. Don't blame us for that.


Ok, rant over, I'm having a download issue myself and there appears to be no link that says "contact customer support now" I should not need to go though a forum to get the answers.

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Re: Autodesk 2012 refuses to recognize new or old serial number

06-10-2012 06:08 PM in reply to: wthomas5

Hi wthomas5:


Could you provide us details of your download issue? If you have an active contract or serial number we may use as reference, please send it to us (envelope next to your account name at the top of this page) so I may check further on your request.


Best Regards,


Arlin Bibat
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Re: Autodesk 2012 refuses to recognize new or old serial number

06-15-2012 02:10 PM in reply to: Jillian.Bejtlich

It is now June 15.  This puts us into the third week of an unresolved licensing/activation issue.  Since posting our original note, at least two new activations have failed to acknowledge our correct serial number.  We expect the same result upon testing the LTU late today.


We understand that the subscription renewal grace period can affect the immediacy of pending activations (though I fail to understand why Autodesk would want to task its reps with having to handle interim calls when automatiion costs less).  We do not understand why the activiation fails, especially after renewal is achieved.


Today, after no promised response from Autodesk representatives, and after a support call with Nathan, who refused to acknowledge failure after trying the same steps three times in a row without success, and who finally honored my exasperated request to escalate the call, placing it into a hold queue whose music gave way to utter silence, providing further evidence of, at the least, incomplete testing in system design and and inadequate training in support - after all this, I am finally out of patience wtih Autodesk.


The company has used up its last credit regarding benefit of the doubt.  

While we understand that the world at large harbors many people who behave dishonestly - who steal, crack and reverse enginerr software for illicit purposes, we don't understand why Autodesk fails to exercise an iota of leadership by giving fellow humans the benefit of the doubt - especially when we pay Autodesk thousands of dollars per seat for the privilege of reasonably expected product support.


It has not been forthcoming.  What we have received is, as in the incident described above, unreasonable.  


Autodesk's repeated and ongoing failure to provide reasonably expected service, along with its robust history of flawed licensing and activation issues and support, calls into question any claim of good faith the company might make.  


As an FYI, we'll continue to document these issues until resolved through any and all necessary reasonable means.

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Re: Autodesk 2012 refuses to recognize new or old serial number

06-19-2012 05:16 PM in reply to: cadmgr

Hello cadmgr,


First off I would like to apologize as it seems there has been a little bit of confusion here. Before we take this offline to exchange sensitive information, I'd like to verify some of the case details.


You have received multiple activation codes from our Registration and Activation team pertaining to AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite 2012 . The 2012 license was upgraded to 2013 from a subscription contract which expired 5/10/2012 and hence the inability to access the Subscription Center (grace period doesn't allow site / benefit use) and use the LTU (won't work with a license that has been upgraded unless it's tied to an active subscription).


As the 2013 license hasn't been activated, you are certainly still entitled to the 2012 license usage, however it will require a manual activation whenever relevant due to the upgraded status.


In an effort to get this resolved ASAP, can you please send me a Private Message (click on my philip.s profile name and then "Send this user a private message") with your phone number and general availability.

Philip Schmelzer
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