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Autodesk 2012 installer - issues

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09-28-2011 07:10 AM

I have a few questions/issues regarding the new 2012 installer


1. Bloatware


  1. I can somehow understand the wish to create a visually nice looking installer, but as I run a lot of my installations through remote sessions - the heavy use of graphics and visual effects is a problem. Configuring the installation or deployment could have been done in 1 minute, now I spend 5-10 minutes WASTING TIME.
  2. Just starting the installer is time consuming, as it spends time copying the nice graphics and GUI to the server/workstation performing the installation. Many customers run vmware-servers, they don't have USB ports or local storage - so the installation is run through a network connection.

 2. Service packs


  1. Why do we have to wait for the service packs to finish downloading? Why not put this into a separate thread?
  2. Why isn't it allowed to add hotfixes? This ruins the whole point of deployments, as the customers now have to manually install the MSP-files (which is usually ignored, creating additional work for support)
  3. If the wizard fails to connect to the download servers, it never retries. Have to restart from scratch.
  4. When creating x64 deployments from x86 servers/workstations, the service pack downloads but the wizard then fails to extract the MSP-file (as the EXE-file is 64 bit exectuable).
  5. Can Autodesk please also publish the extracted MSP-files to their support pages, instead of just the EXE-files (as x64 exe will not run on x86 servers).






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Re: Autodesk 2012 installer - issues

09-29-2011 12:25 AM in reply to: hans.martin.haga

Thank you for your comments and suggestions, It would be best addressed in this form


you can extract the msp file using the /e parameter as described here.

which should take care of most your Service pack concerns.


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