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AutoCAD 2013 - Activation Error 110

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02-25-2013 04:30 AM
Hello, this is my first posting, because I browsed other topics, but I get the things not fixed. I installed today two AutoCAD 2013 32 bit Versions on Windows XP SP3 workstation. Both are in ourt comany network, with user policies, but having an internet access on both users. I got Error 110 on activation attempt. I browsed the forum, and the ASRT folder is correct set on C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Anwendungsdaten\Autodesk\Adlm\ASR and it contains 12 ASR files. I reinstalled both installation, but the problem still exists... is there any other possibility to activate AutoCAD, like by e-Mail or telephne? Maybe this is issued because both machines are behind a hardware proxy Server and Hardware Firewall systems to protect the company network.... Please, don't tell me another installation. I am a little bit upset, because it's a software for more than 5000 Euro each, and it behaves like there are not companies with proxy servers and firewall systems and user restrictions. Also I miss the professional touch on activation, to give an admin the possibility to do trhe activation by e-Mail or telephone... You only have one button - and this failes... So help is really or concern... Greetings, Steffen Reichel Mainova AG
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Re: AutoCAD 2013 - Activation Error 110

02-25-2013 04:52 AM in reply to: s.reichel

Hi s.reichel and welcome to the forums.


Can you please send me via Private Message (click on my screenname camilo.lemos and then on Send This User a Private Message) the serial number and request code for the products needing activation?


Thank you,


Camilo Lemos
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Re: AutoCAD 2013 - Activation Error 110

02-26-2013 04:28 AM in reply to: camilo.lemos

Just as quick info, here is my activation window... it looks different to that you mentioned in the given reference page.
I can't see any request information...

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Re: AutoCAD 2013 - Activation Error 110

02-27-2013 03:51 PM in reply to: s.reichel

Hi Steffen,


This issue might be a result of your company’s web proxy causing an issue and blocking the activation.


Can you please try disabling all network / internet connections and launch the program again. If no network is detected, the manual activation process should kick in and bring up the request code for you.


Outside of sending Camilo or myself the request code via Private Message, you can also contact our License Assistance Team directly to receive an activation code.


Please accept as a solution if this fully resolves the issue, or reply with additional specifics so that we can troubleshoot accordingly.

Philip Schmelzer
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