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Installation & Licensing

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AutoCAD 2011 on VMware

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11-29-2012 03:13 AM



I' m an italian architect ,

I have a server with windows vista with a VMware virtual machine with windows server 2003, in 2009 I bought a networking autocad licenze and the autocad autorized shop installed the licenze on my VMware machine, and everything was going really well . Next week

I bought an upgrade of  networking autocad licenze on 2013 and now the other shop were I bought it are telling me that it's impossible, that autocad dont leave us to install on VMware the licenze.

Is it true that autocad can't be installed on virtual machine? If it's like this, the reality is that no one professional office can use virtual machines.


It's really important for professional office know it.


Arch.Benedetta Fedi

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Re: AutoCAD 2011 on VMware

11-29-2012 03:38 PM in reply to: Fedibene

This is not a problem.  It will work just fine.  The only real problem is with the virtual NIC changing its MAC address and invalidating your license.  You will want to hardcode the NIC settings for the MAC in the VMWare settings so that it does not change.  Otherwise, you shouldn't have any more problems that a virtual machine would normally yield. 

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Re: AutoCAD 2011 on VMware

11-30-2012 05:57 AM in reply to: Fedibene

We have found it works, but is NOT supported by Autodesk.


I recommend you not tell Autodesk or your reseller that it's running on a VM.

In the past, the support techs would stop helping solve installion or software issues if they knew.

This attitude is changing, I think. But I don't feel like testing it.

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Re: AutoCAD 2011 on VMware

12-04-2012 12:50 AM in reply to: Fedibene

Questo è quello che mi ha scritto direttamente Autodesk:


Gentile Sig.ra Fedi,

E’ vero che le machine virtuali non sono supportate in quanto non sono state testate. Questo non significa necessariamente che non possano funzionare ma semplicemente che non abbiamo gli elementi necessari per fornire soluzioni.
L’ambiente Parallels (e VMWare Fusion per Mac OS X)  è un’eccezione, le macchine virtuali che utilizzano Parallels hanno superati i test per alcuni prodotti (non tutti, Trattandosi di un’informazione ufficiale gli utenti mac non sono fuori regola. In teoria nemmeno chi riesce ad usare Vmware su Windows non lo è, il solo problema è che se dovesse avere problemi non possiamo garantire di poter aiutare a risolverli.


Distinti saluti,

Giancarlo Molo
Il team del Supporto Autodesk

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