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AutoCAD 2010 Reactivation error

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09-06-2010 12:34 PM

I am using an Education Master version of AutoCAD 2010. It was registered with the serial # xxx-xxxxxx and product key 651B1, earlier this year. I recently opened the program to find that it needs to be reactivated. I used to the activation wizard to acquire a new activation code, but when I do that I get an error. The error says that the license has expired. This should not be the case.


Could you shed some light on this situation for me? Has this license actually expired? If not, is there another procedure I need to follow?


* Edited Serial Number

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Re: AutoCAD 2010 Reactivation error

09-07-2010 01:25 AM in reply to: abkulp

I had to edit the Serial number out, as this could be misused.

I assume the license file got corrupt and it forced for reactivation. This is not expiry forced by software


Your organization has a new serial number for 2011 suite, as the old one was upgraded to 2011 so please check in the subscription center for the serial, you can install 2011 products with new serial number

If you wish to activate Autocad 2010 you will have to use one of the following methods to activate it manually.

Product Registration and Authorization

Web: (Web registration available 24/7)

Phone: 1-800-551-1490


Fax: 1-800-225-6490

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Maya 2010 Reactivation error

08-22-2013 09:00 PM in reply to: abkulp



I have few license for my Maya 2010 but I am trying to install fresh Maya and try to activate but still can not be activated and I know all the computer did not connect to internet and I have keep a file which I need to pass to AutoDesk. Question can you activated for me using all the files I want to give? 2. How to send the file and what else do you need beside this file file:///C:/Users/syed.MFX/Desktop/Render%20Maya%20Error/Ren01/Registration%20Information.htm. Thank you in advanced for your cooperation.



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Re: Maya 2010 Reactivation error

08-22-2013 09:47 PM in reply to: sydegil

Hi Syed,


Correct me if I'm wrong but the issue here is that you're having issues activating your Maya 2010, correct? If so, what is the error encountered? Why is there a need to reactivate the License? Did you purchase the License from any of Autodesk's resellers? 


If I seem to have misunderstood the issue do reply back with more details so I can be of assistance. 


For future reference, you can also contact our Registration and Activation team directly for any Activation issues. 


Joane Bonghanoy
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