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AutoCad 2008 32 bit need 64 bit version

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12-03-2010 12:51 PM

I have windows 7 and need to find an AutoCad 2008 64 bit version.  My current 32 bit version will not run on windows 7.

ACAD 2008 product serial number 655-98989898.  Can anyone provide a link or information as to where I can get a 64 bit version?

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Re: AutoCad 2008 32 bit need 64 bit version

12-03-2010 03:51 PM in reply to: mlthiel

There is no AutoCAD 2008 64 bit, nor will there ever be. Google "Windows 7 XP mode" and what you can do is install and run the ACAD 2008 in XP mode.



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Re: AutoCad 2008 32 bit need 64 bit version

01-25-2011 03:13 PM in reply to: mlthiel


My experience was that Civil Series 2004 and LDT2004 (AKA Autocad 2004 engine) installed fine under my Windows 7 64bit Home edition with NO XP mode and works just great. But, if you try to install Civil 3d 2008 or LDT 2008 under Windows 7 64 bit, you get the 'This is a 32 bit Acad. It cannot be installed on a 64-bit Windows.' What a scam! For more detailed instructions than I have found:

What you have to do to install 2008 is go through the whole rigamarole of paying to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional (or Ultimate) to get Windows XP Mode, then download and intall Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC (And be prepared to experience problems with the downloads from Microsoft...) then install 2008 under a Windows XP Mode session. What a pain, and when all is said and done my LDT2008 runs excruciatingly slow.

OK... Rant On: But then again making life difficult seems par for the course for Adesk... Unless that is you want to buy the lates version of your CAD platform and put it on perpetual subscription. Which then causes a whole host of issues if your clients refuse to upgrade to the latest and greatest. Rant Off... Please return to your previously scheduled troubleshooting. Patrick

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Re: AutoCad 2008 32 bit need 64 bit version

01-25-2011 03:20 PM in reply to: SrealMcCoy

...or you can copy Autocad 2008 to your hard drive.  Then download and install ORCA (free), and use it to edit the .MSI file, removing the lines that prohibit installation on a 64-bit machine.  Also, use Notepad to remove the similar line from the .INI file.


There are more-detailed instructions here:


They're for ACA 2008, but Autocad should be pretty similar, except for the name of the MSI file.

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