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Installation & Licensing

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Alternative to buying the most recent licenses

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04-28-2014 11:54 AM

I have a dilemma: I am an animation proffesional who is currently employed by a large company. Their animation software is 3DS MAX (and the primary software I was trained with in school anyway). While I obviously have the program at work, I want to have a license for my pc at home; I would use it for tutorials, portfolio building, and all around increasing my skill level during my offtime. My problem is that there is NO way I can afford the recent versions of the software. I know you offer free educational licenses, but I'm definitley not a student anymore. Is there any sort of solution to my problem? Thank you.

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Re: Alternative to buying the most recent licenses

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There are a few alternatives.  Check out rental options; short term may actually be more expensive than buying though.  Second is various remote access methods, such as AutoDesk Remote; these give you direct access to your work computer, including network connections, but IT may nix that idea for security reasons.  Third, you might also consider checking on a VPN just to your work license server; can be difficult to set up and again IT may not like the idea.  Fourth you can check out the "home use" policy which allows you to install a second copy for just such purposes; your employer may not like the idea as it can be difficult to confirm you aren't still using their license.  Fifth (and my personal favorite): leave work at work and play at home; if you regularly do this "work" outside of the office you may be tempted to start charging time which your employer can't monitor easily or moonlighting on side projects, and your employer may expect you to be available outside of work hours regardless of circumstances.

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