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*Schroeder, Bud
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01-08-2000 05:30 PM in reply to: *Anderson, Kenneth
To add to what Jerry told you. It sounds like you used the NSW to create a
standalone deployment. Try creating it again but don't use the standalone
deployment this time. You should be fine.

Take care.


Kenneth Anderson wrote:

> <
> clients trying to get a license?>>
> No, it is empty.
> <>
> well, not exactly this is the files contents from last night when I tried
> to reinstall everything.
> Date Start Finish Len User/Status message
> ========+========+========+=======+=======================================
> 01/06/00 18:19:41 18:19:41 0sec docman@FDC_VELLUM Client launched
> non-silent mode.
> 01/06/00 18:21:31 18:21:31 0sec ANDERSON@FDC_VELLUM Client launched
> non-silent mode.
> <
> client stations, delete the client deployment locations, recreate them
> (leave the adlm as is - "Install Autodesk license manager files later"),
> and reinstall autocad from the deployment locations.>>
> That is what I did last night, BUT, I did not delete the client deployment
> locations, I only reinstalled the client deployment files on the server
> OVER the originals. I was afraid that I might fowl up somthing, and since
> there was no un-install for the client deployment files on the server,
> well... . I will try again, but not till I hear from my dealer, I cannot
> affort to spend time on this much longer. My time must be billed to
> projects, and I dont know where I will even apply the time that I have
> spent so far!!!
> I.E. I give up!
> K.
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