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ADLM log - Can't read key directory

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08-28-2000 08:17 AM

We're having problems with the Netware version of the license manager.
It has worked properly for several years. Just last week however, our
users couldn't log in. I checked the adlm log which showed
initialization just as usual with the added message Can't read key
directory "\\server\SYS\ADLM/KEY" at the end. Except for that last
line, the rest of the initialization was the same as always. The keys
were loaded, just no one (except me) could use AutoCAD or Map. We also
see the same message directed to the C drive Can't read key directory

Using the query tool, I found that it lists a server located in our
Billings, MT office, but not our server. When I first checked, several
Billings users were using our licenses, but after unloading the license
manager and reinstalling, they no longer use our licenses. If I access
AutoCAD, I use a license from Billings.

We've rebooted the license manager, reinstalled the license manager, and
recreated the keycodes all without success. Our server is Netware 5, we
run AutoCAD on NT machines.

If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate your input.

Dave Winslow
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