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*Van Dyck, Wim
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ADLM and disk cloning?

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01-13-2001 10:32 PM

We are running 30 licenses MDT5 Power Pack.
The ADLM is installed on a NT4-server machine.
We need to replace the server's primary HD.
I want to use Norton Ghost and clone the server's HD.
Will I have to reinstall ADLM an get a new auth code?

*James Wedding, E.I.T.
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Re: ADLM and disk cloning?

01-14-2001 09:51 PM in reply to: *Van Dyck, Wim
Before you ghost, write down the server code. If after the ghost, the server
code is no longer the same, you'll have to reauthorize. The server code is
based on all kinds of things, including hardware, software, and the phase of
the moon during the installation...altering any of these things might change
it....or might not.

James Wedding, E.I.T.
IT Manager
Jones & Boyd, Inc.
Dallas, Texas
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*Nehls, Kevin
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01-15-2001 12:45 AM in reply to: *Van Dyck, Wim

You forgot that the server code also depends on where Haley's Comet is in
relation to the Earth as well as the next time that it is scheduled to pass
by the Earth.

Kevin Nehls
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