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Activation - Script Error - Picture Included

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08-22-2012 09:46 AM



When I wanted to install the 3ds Max 2012, I got the white screen problem, but solved it instantly after reading the forum. However, after inserting my codes and pressing the next button afterwards, I find myself with a script error which doesn't let me go through with the activation.


I enabled all ActiveX and scriptings in the IE9 internet options and tools, however, that didn't help me at all! 


I attached a print screen of what occurs in this post, can I get some help on this please?

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Re: Activation - Script Error - Picture Included

08-22-2012 02:22 PM in reply to: Heesheh

Hi Heesheh,


Javascript or permissions issues can be resolved via this solution.


If that doesn't work it's most likely an IE problem and I'd recommend the following:


-Internet explorer repair 

-Reset Internet explorer security settings to defaults

-Disable Anti virus

-Disable Internet explorer add-ins (3rd Party).

-Additional suggestions here

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Re: Activation - Script Error - Picture Included

08-23-2012 07:23 AM in reply to: Heesheh



Thank you for the reply.


I have honestly put in the effort and tried all the solutions you provided in your reply without any results. I kept recieving the message when I try to go to the "next" page, or try to go "back" or even "close" the window. It just doesn't let me do it. I hoped something would work, but still, I am recieving the same message.


I reset all the settings for IE9 to begin with.


I even enabled all active X and Scripting controls and included restricted sites, intranet zones, internet zones etc.


I went through all the provided steps one by one, the only thing I can not do in my case is downgrade to IE8 since microsoft doesn't allow the user to download to it when using windows 7.


Please let me know if there are any other solutions regarding the problem, cause it also appears to happen when I tried installing 3ds Max 2010, the scripting problem appeard there again. So, it is a problem with my PC that I can't seem to get around.


Any help will be much appreciated.





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Re: Activation - Script Error - Picture Included

09-17-2012 11:50 PM in reply to: Heesheh

Still did not work! I would love if someone would take a look at this and help me out with a solution!

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Re: Activation - Script Error - Picture Included

09-18-2012 05:38 PM in reply to: Heesheh

Uninstall IE9 - it's a hail mary.


You can also add "EVERYONE" and full control to this folder:


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared



David Lau
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