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*Driessen, Marc
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acad slow on open/save

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11-03-1999 04:07 PM
You might find this very amussing, but I am running a strictly NT 4.0 (sp5)
shop, with AutoCAD Mechanical Loaded locally (15 clients), and if I merely
point to a printer setting on the network in the "AutoCAD
Options/files/printer support file path/plot style table search path, it
takes forever and a day to do anything like open drawings, go into "AutoCAD
Options, plot, etc.. So for you to state that this is a Novell problem, is
wrong in my mind.Autodesk is responsible for this. I personally think that
Autodesk rushed through this whole project, and forgot that ALOT of people
are calling up their *.mnx, plot style settings, etc. from 1 (one) central
location on your server. From R13 & up we have been doing this with great
success. This allows you to only have to administer 1 (one) folder, as
apposed to 15 in my case. So yes, people such as myself are a little upset
with the latest release of AutoCAD. Yes, there are alot of good features,
but for the majority, it isn't what it should be.

Marc Driessen
IT/Network/CAD Admin.
JDanes wrote in message
> Oh very good point. But we don't have that problem on NT.
> We have a system of process directories Working/Pending/Release.
> I was against this system for a number of reasons, broken links
> not being the least of them. In any event, I cautioned our product
> data center that this release area would become quite large over time
> and would need to be dispositioned (archived, etc.) periodically.
> In this system each drawing has itsown folder which also contains
> other files associated directly with that drawing file (e.g. *.xls *.tif
> *.cg4)
> As I recall Windows may limit subfolders to somewhere around 1000.
> There is easily over twice that number in our release area, but we don't
> have any problems with AutoCAD accessing files when supplied
> with a direct UNC path. However, the AutoCAD file dialog (as any other)
> does take some time to read and generate the release areas subfolder
> list. But loading the drawing file is not problem for anyone on the NT
> domain. The users that *do* notice a significant slowdown are those
> on the Novell side, which are loging into their NT accounts
> on the engineering server when they login to Novell. We are running
> 100Mb on the NT side, while they are running 10Mb on Novel.
> And the NT administrator assures me there should be no impact on
> performance. But when the Novell users attempt to load AutoCAD
> and drawing files, it often takes several minutes, compared to the
> blink of an eye on the NT side. And we are running AutoCAD
> entirely from the server, not just drawing files. Hey this only gets
> better :smileyhappy:
> Jesse Danes
> AutoCAD Administrator / MCAD Central Functions
> Honeywell, Home & Building Controls
> jerry milana [Autodesk] wrote in message
> > One more question:
> > How many files are in the folder where this problem occurs?
> >
> > Jerry Milana,
> > Autodesk Product Support
> >
> > "Tom Gilmer" wrote:
> >
> > > What Network Operating system are you running? What protocols are
> > > used?
> > > - Tom
> > >
> > > Mawex wrote in message
> > > news:7ro7mi$
> > > > It takes very long (5-10 minutes) to open or save DWG-Files from our
> > > Server.
> > > > If we open the files from local workstation its very fast. (1 minute
> > > and
> > > > less). But our network is very fast (100MBit) and we have HigEnd
> > > Server.
> >
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