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ACAD 2009 invalid SN

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01-04-2013 07:39 PM

Company has licensed/registered AutoCAD 2009...2 seats. Currently installed on 1 primary and 1 remote machine. Netiher are accessed at the same time - ever. Tried to install to 2nd remote machine (possibility of only 2 machines on/using ACAD at the same time - ever), but activation screen says Serial # is invalid. Tried repeatedly, but still no go!


How do I get an activation code if the valid SN is not being accepted?

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Re: ACAD 2009 invalid SN

01-07-2013 11:06 AM in reply to: smeagols_bane

Hello Karyn,


The "Invalid Serial Number" error typically stems from a license that has been upgraded from a Subscription contract that has since lapsed, which turns out to be the case here. The AutoCAD 2009 license was in fact upgraded to 2010, however the current has yet to be activated which still entitles use of the previous.


If you would like to remain on the 2009, please send me a Private Message (click on my philip.s profile name and then "Send this user a private message") with a Request Code and I'll be able to provide the corresponding Activation Code.


If you would like to upgrade to the 2010 software, please send me a Private Message stating such and I'll reply with the necessary licensing info and download links. Please note however, in doing so you will forfeit all future rights to the previous.


I also wanted to point out that for future reference, you can contact our License Assitance team for direct assistance.

Philip Schmelzer
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