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Installation & Licensing

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A2000, AM2000PP, MDT4, MDT4PP all use 270 Feature !!

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12-21-1999 05:32 AM
I have a customer who has purchased 2 network lic. of MDT4PP and 6
network lic. of ACADM2000PP, all of them running on the same LAN with a
Windows NT 4.0 Server and Windows NT workstation clients, ADLM
configured for TCP/IP.

Autodesk has issued licenses for the feature codes as follows :
270 : 2 lic. (MDT4)
271 : 2 lic. (MDT4PP)
280 : 6 lic. (ACADM2000)
281 : 6 lic. (ACADM2000PP)

If the customer runs ACAD2000 or ACADM2000PP or MDT4 or MDT4PP from
the machine where MDT4PP is installed, it uses up one 270 license.

If the customer runs ACAD2000 or ACADM2000PP from the machine where
ACADM2000PP is installed, it uses up one 280 license.

The problem is that the customer is using up a 270 license even when he
is just using ACADM2000PP (from the MDT4PP installed machine), and even
though 6 nos. of 280 licenses are available on the network This means
there is one less person on the network who can use the 270 license even
though no one is actually MDT4 (270 license)

The above situation reduces the flexbility of the entire licensing
system, where now the customer now has to use his MDTs and ACADM2000PPs
from a particular system only.

Is there a way to access the ACADM2000PP license floating on the network
using the ACADM2000PP software installed using the MDT4PP CD-ROM ?
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