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3DS Max Won't Install - 0 Bytes Required?

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03-06-2012 07:32 PM



I'm having a problem installing my 3ds max trial. Before I explain however, I must say that I've already looked at the following post (which offered no help):


I downloaded the trial and had the product information successfully acquired, but when I actually go to install the program (after saying "I accept" to the terms, and then enterting the information for the product (key and etc)). The installer gets 'stuck' where the overview information is, where you see how much space you have on your computer and how much you need to install 3ds max on it. Apparently, according to my installer, 3ds max is 0 bytes large despite the download being over 3 GB. 



Things that haven't worked:


1) Tried opening with admin rights.

2) Turned off any/all anti-virus, as well as firewall software.

3) Run on diagnotics mode.

4) Redownloaded mutiple times and even tried several different accounts to get different product keys.

5) Downloaded the necessary files (such as Microsoft Redistributable C++ 2005)



So, anyone have a solution that I've missed?




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Re: 3DS Max Won't Install - 0 Bytes Required?

04-03-2014 12:28 AM in reply to: conor.williams

It sounds like a registry error. I have this probelm as well, but I am going to fix it right now. IF you have installed Autodesk software before this is most likely the solution. Uninstall 3dsmax, then open regedit in the startmenu. Once you get to regedit go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Autodesk > 3Ds Max , and then delete the 3dsmax folder itself. If this doesn't work delete the whole Autodesk folder in regedit, keep in mind that you should always uninstall software before you remove it from the registry. 

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