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3ds max showing 2 different serial numbers???

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11-13-2013 08:04 AM

I'm trying to clean up installations of 3ds max in our office.  We have standalone and network licenses and wanted to uninstall some of the standalone installtions and reinstall as network.


On few systems, I'm finding that what the registry says is the serial numbers (found at hklm/software/13.0/max-1:409/serialnumber is a completely different number than if I open the 3ds max 2011 program and go to licensing. 


Can anyone please explain what may be going on here?? The key that I'm finding when I open 3ds max is not a key I was aware of having. 

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Re: 3ds max showing 2 different serial numbers???

11-13-2013 08:25 AM in reply to: glergier



Hello. Product keys are entered at time of installation and they vary according to year and product. A product will have a different key compared to a suite that has the same product in it. 2011 keys are here:


The key needs to be connected to the serial that you are installing. The serial you are seeing was entered at some point and there is no way of us knowing how it got there. Back when it was first installed, it was likely installed using that serial and what you are seeing is a layover from that installation.


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David Dembkoski
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Re: 3ds max showing 2 different serial numbers???

11-13-2013 09:15 AM in reply to: dembkod

I just tested this on a brand new laptop that has the original factory build on it.  Installed 3ds max 2011 on it with our network license serial number.  The registry location shows me the correct serial number I just used.  However, when I open 3ds max and go to help >about 3ds max it shows a completely different serial number that I did not enter. 



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Re: 3ds max showing 2 different serial numbers???

11-14-2013 07:08 AM in reply to: glergier

Honestly, if it is a network licensed model, then the serial number is irrelevant.  The license is held by the server and handed out accordingly.  The client's serial number does not play any part in this transaction.  Whether it matches or not, the client will obtain a license if one is available. 

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