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3DS Max 2014 Installer - Failed Internet Connection

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09-12-2013 07:53 AM

I am trying to install 3DS Max now for about 4 hours, but it won't work.


Everytime the installer stops when installing .Network 3.5 SP1. I already cleared my computer off all .Net programms. The installer then installs .Net 4.0 but stops again when starting to install 3.5.


Install log cann be seen here.


Few things:

- UAC is disabled

- Firewall is disabled

- Anti-Virus programm (MSE) is disabled

- Checked Ports and everything - seems all fine.

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Re: 3DS Max 2014 Installer - Failed Internet Connection

09-12-2013 02:55 PM in reply to: phoenix100



Hello. You can try a few things:

Comment out the setup.ini file by opening it in note pad and searching for all instances of PREREQUISITES and replacing with #PREREQUISITES. Save the file and run the installer. This will avoid installing the prerequisites and you may need to manually install them after (from the 3rd party folder)


Past this, I would run the NET cleanup tool and retry


Thank you for taking part in our community!

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Re: 3DS Max 2014 Installer - Failed Internet Connection

08-20-2014 01:49 PM in reply to: phoenix100

Hello, i've same problem like this in the past

So, u need to try this..

From ur installer folder find setup.ini , then delete this




#============= DOTNET Begin ===============
PRODUCT_NAME=.NET Framework Runtime 4.5
EXE_PARAM=/q /norestart
VC_PARAM=.NET Framework 4.5
VC_DESCRIPTION=Detecting .NET 4.5 Runtime

PRODUCT_NAME=.NET Framework Runtime 3.5 SP1
VC_PARAM=.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
VC_DESCRIPTION=Detecting .NET Runtime 3.5 SP1

#== This section is required by the framework to display a package level alert_
#== _if the system does not contain a minimum version of NET (set in VC_PARAM below)
PRODUCT_NAME=.NET Framework Runtime 4.0
VC_DESCRIPTION=Detecting .NET 4.0 Runtime

#============= DOTNET End ===============



Hope u can fix that.


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