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Installation & Licensing

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3ds Max 2013 and Maya 2013 trial versions: Several download attempts have failed

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03-14-2013 12:48 PM

I have tried to download the trial versions of 3ds Max 2013 and Maya 2013 several times; but all download attempts have NOT succeeded ! Although the Akamai NetSession Client is properly installed and running !

The Maya 2013 download has always been stopped at roughly 666 MB; and pressing the play button in the browser or refreshing the browser page, respectively, has always started the download from scratch ...

It was only recently that I could download Windows 8 Pro (comparable in size) without any issues; so what could go wrong in the download process using your Akamai NetSession Client ? And is there an alternative download process available ?

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3ds Max 2009 trial version: License is always regarded as broken/deleted

03-14-2013 12:58 PM in reply to: verlsnake

I have a 3ds Max 2009 trial version installer (1 GB in size) at my disposal; but no matter what I've done: The trial license is always regarded as broken/deleted; and I cannot start the 3DS Max 2009 trial (anymore) ... And the serial number 000-000000 can not be used in the activation process ... Is there a way to make this trial version runnable again ?

Another question: I have only found a download for 3ds Max 2013; are older trial versions of Your software products downloadable somewhere ?

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Re: 3ds Max 2009 trial version: License is always regarded as broken/deleted

03-14-2013 03:18 PM in reply to: verlsnake

Welcome to the forums Kai!


I'm not sure what would be preventing a full download but the typical causes are firewalls and antivirus. While some of our product trials do offer alternative delivery methods (Browser Download and Install Now) this is not currently the case with 3ds Max and Maya and as such I will be sending you a Private Message (envelope next to your profile name when logged in) with the corresponding browser download links.


In regards to your last question, only the current version of a given software is offered as a trial, mirroring what is available for purchase. 


Edit / P.S. For future reference you can always request supported media / download links directly via our Customer Assistance Form.

Philip Schmelzer
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