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3DMax Pro 64 bit and Windows 8 professional - will not install.

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12-03-2012 07:16 AM

I am guessing this is a pretty common problem but the 3DS Max install fails for me on Windows 8 pro 64 bit with error codes 1603 and I think 1619.  I have tried various fixes to this.  turning off Bullguard 2013 - unenabling DOT NET 4.5 and 3.5.  Uninstalling Visucal C++ runtime 2010 etc.

I have established that this might be to do with a prequisite software problem - and I have tried effected a manual clean uninstall of Autodesk products.  The windows 8 installation is fairly recent one.  funnily enough I first installed Autocad 2013 64 bit and this seemed to go fine.

I note that Autodesk is saying that 3DS Max works OK on Windows 8 but the installation does seem to be a bit of a nightmare.

Suggestions welcome.  I am using the student versions of the product from the autodesk education community.  I am trying to attach a log file to this email but this system seems a bit resistant to accepting the file at present

Thanks for any tips at all on getting the installation to work. I have had a good trawl of the available advice on the internet - including in this forum but anything else is gratefully received.

Simon UK
Windows 8 Pro. 25 Gig RAM Nvidea 560T C drive SSD 300 GB D drive 3 terrabyte etc

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Re: 3DMax Pro 64 bit and Windows 8 professional - will not install.

12-05-2012 02:08 AM in reply to: simonrodwell164

Hi simonrodwell164,


Prior to re-installing of product, please ensure that you have full permissions to your machine (esp folder C:\ProgramData\Autodesk) and to the location where the deployment exists (if you are installing from deployment images). 


Please ensure that the installing user has Local Administrative group membership and that no restrictions are imposed to required users account. Note that Local Administrative privileges are required for installation.


Do not relocate the My Documents folder off of the Local System and do not use Roaming Profiles.


I hope that works. Thank you.

Aaron Hai
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Re: 3DMax Pro 64 bit and Windows 8 professional - will not install.

12-05-2012 01:47 PM in reply to: aaronhai

I have tried all of your suggestions at some point with 3DSMax 2013 and none of them have really solved the problem.  This includes deinstalling all the Visual C++ runtimes taking the DOTNet installs out from windows components.  Activating the hidden administrator account in Windows 8 and using that to try installing 3DSMax 2013.  Trying a hack install of 3DSMax2013.msi   etc etc etc.


In desperation I ended up installing the 3DSMax2012.msi - disabling the mental ray install  AND this worked.  So I do have a 2012 version of Max working on the machine OK - ish.  But it does seem to suggest that there is something pretty strange going on with the installers for the max components especially on Windows 8 64 pro.  I can accept that there are probably pre-requisites on my machine which are conflicting with the autodesk 3D Max installer BUT  I would have thought these installers should really be robust enough to cope with these eventualities.  Heres hoping the next release of 3DSMax will cope a bit better with Windows 8 Pro.  As it is I am still without the mental ray service - but I guess it will be enough to do the basic tutorial learning that I wanted to accomplish.


Thanks for your help anyway.  Any more tips you can offer would be great.  I've spent 5 days or more trying to get my head around this problem - and I guess I still don't have a very complete install of 3DSMax 2012 64 bit anyway but its better than nothing I guess


Simon UK

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