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2013 Installation problems

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01-28-2013 08:49 AM

I'm intalling 2013 products from a network deployment. We have 4 offices, 50 Civil 3D & 5 Building Design suites.


With Civil 3D, most installed with no problem. However I have some that the install whould never finish. They ran for several hours. I turned off silet mode on the deployment so I could see if there were any error messages that popped up. Nothing, just won't finish.


On the Building Design Suite, I had problems on the first one, went back and created separate deployments for everying and it installed then. Problem solved. Computer 2, Revit installed & then Architecture ran for hours. I didn't try anymore.


Here are two log files from two seperate Civil 3D installs I had problems with.


Having some attachment problems.... well I guess not. It said they were still too big after I zipped but they seem to be there.

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Re: 2013 Installation problems

01-28-2013 12:34 PM in reply to: Doug_000



Hello. There have been some issues with ACAD installs on machines that already have Service Packs installed.  If the machine already has a 2013 ACAD vertical installed and there is a SP installed with it, it may halt an installation. I would check a machine for this as a conflict. I would also check to see if Antivirus may be locking the process, or UAC control possibly, from running properly. Sometimes these can cause blockage. IN any case, it is where I would start.

Also, if the machine has conflicting Microsoft C++ redistributables, it could cause an issue. We have seen some incompatibilities. If you uninstall the existing C++, the installer should replace them with the ones it is expecting.


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