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Installation & Licensing

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Re: 2012 Cascading

06-17-2011 06:53 AM in reply to: mike.burke

I concur. After I placed the ACADs at the top it worked better... but... we then had an issue with ACAD Electrical, MAX and Raster Design not showing up as licenses available. So, I placed those three oddball things on top, then the ACAD, then Civil 3D, then the Suites at the end. Now all the licenses show up and behave as expected. And yes, after all 11 ACADs are taken, then people who need ACAD start taking Production Suite licenses.

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Re: 2012 Cascading

09-16-2011 08:27 AM in reply to: hardin

We have just implemented our design suite licences and are experiencing the same issues, but this time with a twist. We have our UK licences distributed 50/50 across a couple of servers with each office pointing at server01 as their main server and server02 as secondary, even with the licences merged in a value order (low at the top high at the bottom) we have issues as with only half of the available licences being on server01 when the AutoCAD’s fill up it then swaps to the design suites irrespective of the fact we may have 100 licences still available on server02. Does anyone have experience of this kind of an issue in a distributed licence setup?


Many thanks,


Nick Beaven

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Re: 2012 Cascading

09-16-2011 10:35 AM in reply to: DarrenP
I think it stands to reason that so long as the application can find a license on its primary NLM, even via cascade, that it will do so before any attempt is made to poll another server. I'd be hard pressed to come up with a method around this, even with an options file. Especially if you rely on cascading to work. Hmm...
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Re: 2012 Cascading

09-16-2011 11:13 AM in reply to: TravisNave

This may or may not (probably not) help your split server issue, but there is a hot fix for 2012 suites that fixed a problem we were having where we could get a Civil 3D 2011 license, but not a 2012 license, even though they were available.


From Autodesk support in response to a ticket I had with them:


There is a hotfix for Civil 3D 2012 and licensing problems when the Autodesk
Infrastructure Design Suite is involved. Here is the link:


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Re: 2012 Cascading

10-03-2011 01:38 PM in reply to: hardin

Hello all,

Ive been out of the loop with installing software and flexlm. My question should be a quick one.


We own AutoCAD MEP and Revit MEP Suite. In my Subscription Download area, there are 2 seperate listings. But the name of the AutoCAD MEP.exe file is the same in each area. Is this the exact same software? Does the license cascading work completely within the flexlm (regardless of which AutoCAD MEP.exe we install from) where if we reach our maximum of AutoCAD MEP licenses in use, it automatically grabs a Revit Series license?



I'm remembering the days of a similar software name but really 2 different DVDs that would call different licenses, and want to make sure I configure the right software. Thanks in advance.



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