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2000i looking for 2000 path

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09-15-2000 11:33 AM
I,m installing 2000i on local drives from a deployment disk which will ping a network license. Ocassionally, 2000i will display a message upon installation that it can not load the menus. I've found that this is an indication that the file paths are looking for a "2000" folder instead of "2000i". Sometimes both paths will be displayed, identical except the "i" is missing in one path(tools>options>files). Where only the "2000" path exist and I edit it to the correct directory, it displays a message that the directory doesn't exist, (it does) do you still want to change it?. say yes, and when I try to apply it it says "if the folder doesnt exist its going to revert back to the original settings", which it does, which don't exist. Even if I could correct the paths under tools options, I have 200 installs to do.
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