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Workstation for baking?

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06-07-2011 02:35 PM
I am looking for some info on building a monster machine for maya 2011/2012 rendering and more importantly baking and baking in VRay.
I am currently running intel I7quad core (so i have 8 virtual cores), 18 gb ram and an Nvidia Quadro FX 5800 grfx card.

I spoke with autodesk at N.A.B and they mentioned that “cores” are what will help baking times, not grfx card and or RAM. Is this true?

Also I have been looking at specs for dual 6 core xenon (which would give me 24 virtual cores) nvidia quadro fx 6000 card and the same RAM. I do my baking in maya and Vray. I need to decrease render and bake times, will this type of solution help?

Or does anybody have any feedback on what would be the most powerful machine that I could build to help for production?

I know the ins and outs of render farms, but I feel that multiple cores on one image should be faster than individual cores on individual files?

I could be wrong but in my experience trying multiple cores on multiple bakes never really works… (i.e selecting multiple surfaces and baking them) Maya normally will lock up before complete or some of the bakes will have errors and that wastes time.