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Maya Fatal Error

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03-05-2008 09:52 PM
I'm running Maya 2008 on a HP xw4600 Workstation with an Intel Core 2 Quad (NVIDIA Quadro FX 570) with Window's Vista.

I'm experiencing a problem with Maya. Every time I try to load a scene, I get an error that says, "Fatal Error. Attempting to save in C:/Users/(my computer's name)/AppData/Local/Temp/(my computer's name again)

The first time this happened, it was after Maya crashed. I assumed the file lost and decided to start a new file and animate from scratch. This time the file did not crash. I closed the file and opened another model to make sure it was ready for referencing. When I went to re-open the scene I was animating, the error popped up. Not only does it pop up on that file, but all the files I saved before it.

I've looked online, I've changed computers (working in a lab), I've opened the file about a half a dozen different ways, I've tried opening it without any references, with a new reference, made sure that triple buffering and overlay are both turned off, changed screen resolution, etc, etc, etc.

I can't move forward animating if every scene I work on is going to end up like this. If anyone can help me figure this out, I'd be eternally grateful.

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Re: Maya Fatal Error

03-06-2008 01:59 AM in reply to: solaceskiesproductions
Did you send in the CER report ? With the FX570 you probably want to allow the driver to use the Maya defaults, i.e. overlays, .. most of the other problems are found with the GeForce card drivers. what driver are you using ? 169.25 ? Have you installed 2008 SP1 to see if that helps. file a bug with scene file that can reproduce the problem.
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Re: Maya Fatal Error

03-17-2008 07:14 PM in reply to: solaceskiesproductions
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Re: Maya Fatal Error

06-13-2008 01:52 PM in reply to: solaceskiesproductions
It is possible to be a error from the Open GL Triple Buffering, try to turn it off and it might just star to work great.
I used to have the same problem some time ago, and as soon as I turned it off, Maya started back again with no errors at all.

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Re: Maya Fatal Error

11-03-2008 05:10 PM in reply to: solaceskiesproductions
Fatal Error. Attempting to save in C:/Usera/(computer name)/AppData/Local/Temp/(computer name).20081103.1004

Error signature: Application: Autodesk Maya Version: 200809110030-734661 Error: Unhandled Exception

Here is my log:

Maya Crash Report

Exception code: C0000005: ACCESS_VIOLATION - illegal read at address 0x00000004
Fault address: 0C383EED in C:\Windows\system32\ig4dev32.dll
0001:00002EED Logical offset (see .map file for location)

SS:ESP:0023:0104E53C EBP:00000000
DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:003B GS:0000

Call stack:
(0) section:smileysurprised:ffset Address Frame
0001:00002EED 0x0C383EED 0x00000000
Module: C:\Windows\system32\ig4dev32.dll (-exported-)
Next frame pointer is missing - is /Oy turned on in this module?

//crash file = C:\Users\(computer name)\AppData\Local\Temp\MayaCrashLog081101.1554.log
//version =
//cut = Thu 08/02/2007, 200708022245
//last tool: nurbsSelect
//panel with focus: modelPanel4
//visible panels:
// modelPanel4
//Memory usage:
// 123.754 Mb Free Memory
// 1015.125 Mb Free Swap
// 291.801 Mb Current
// 36.875 Mb MEL
// 0.131 Mb arguments
// 0.092 Mb Pixel Map
// 3.333 Mb Render Cache
// 0.313 Mb Data Blocks
// 0.124 Mb Transforms

There seems to be two solutions. You can turn off the Triple buffering option in Open GL or if this dosent work just go to: C:\Windows\system32\ and rename or move this file ig4dev32.dll to a safe place in case you need it later.
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Re: Maya Fatal Error

10-08-2013 07:21 AM in reply to: solaceskiesproductions

We are tracking a similar bug in ADSK support and are wondering if you can try something to see if the crash goes away.

When you have a moment please locate the maya.env file. In Windows 7 it is located in "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\maya\2014-x64". Load the maya.env file with notepad or any other text editor. It will most likely be a blank file unless you have added something in the past. in the first available line add the line below save and launch Maya.



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Re: Maya Fatal Error

10-09-2013 07:41 PM in reply to: corbin026
it does not work for me, i have tried also disable the mc3 at, still fail.
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