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Maya 2008 student license swapping from one computer to another?

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12-29-2013 05:51 PM



I still use a copy of Maya 2008 student software. I have my license installed on 2 computers (max limit). One I want to keep it on, and a laptop I would like to take the license off and install it on a newer desktop computer. These are my legit licenses I paid for a few years ago and I have not shared them.


From what I gathered so far from Autodesk virtual support, support is no longer offered on products that are 2009 or older.


My question: Is it still possible to take a license off one computer and add it to another with my 2008 software?




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Re: Maya 2008 student license swapping from one computer to another?

12-30-2013 12:59 AM in reply to: neverrain

Hi Jonathan,


Welcome to the Autodesk Community.


For 2008 version of Autodesk software, you may try using the Portable License Utility installed together with the software.


Alternatively, if that is not available, you may submit a request for manual activation to our licensing team instead. You can only submit the request after you have already installed the software on the new machine where it would be activated.



Jeffrey Sin