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05-16-2012 12:43 AM

Since I used "proposals" function quite a lot, I have encounter three main issue:


1. Some objects seems to remain from one proposal to another after changing the proposal. This happens especially when I edited a object which are imported from a file (not created directly in AIM).


2. After creating 10 proposals and realise I need to add a new road style to all of them. I would like a method that allows the new road style to be added to all proposals rather than going through 10 proposals and add the same style to each manually. And I dont want to merge the proposals either.


3. By changing a proposal, it takes around 5min or even more to regenerate the model. In my case, with 10 proposals means it will be an extra hour for only the action of changing proposals. In a meeting. It seems to be more practical by seperate the proposals into new models. Then I lose the meaning of the function.

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