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inserting 3d model on right spot

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06-07-2012 08:00 AM



I have inserted 3d models (collada files) which are not georeferenced. So far I haven't been able to position the 3d models accurately. The "interactive placing" is more guessing then moving the model into the right spot. I would like to "snap" to a existing model edge - is that possible?

What do the options mean : local origin / lower left front / center 2d / center 3d?


Any ideas?


Many thanks, Rob
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Re: inserting 3d model on right spot

06-21-2012 12:47 AM in reply to: Robert_Fritz

Hi Rob,


currently there is no snapping for the model placement.


If the models are not georeferenced, you will always need to adjust the postition manually. You may try to modify the models afterwards using the edit tools or by modifying the transformation values in the feature properties directly. This gives often better results as you ca do more precise adjustments.


Do you have any additional information, e.g. the models position according to an existing coordinate system? You can use this information to place the model correctly during import. Therefore you have these options how your model should be placed according to the anchor point:

  • Local Origin - the origin of the models local coordinate system is anchored to the position
  • Center 3D - the models bounding box center is anchored to the position
  • Center 2D - the lower center of the models bounding box is anchored to the position
  • Lower Left Front - the minimum of the models bounding box is anchored to the position


Does this help?


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Re: inserting 3d model on right spot

06-21-2012 10:14 PM in reply to: s.gerber

Hi Seppl,


many thanks for your reply. For a quick presentation I just wanted to insert some models I had downloaded from G 3d Warehouse and I didn't know their exact location etc. I suppose that for a proper presentation I would use models I know more about such as exact location details or at least I would invest some time to find out...


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Re: inserting 3d model on right spot

06-27-2012 06:40 AM in reply to: Robert_Fritz

Hi Rob,


This is a method I use to insert 3D-models.

1. I make a shp-file with points which are georeferenced

2. Import it to AIM and choose a typ (for example: "City Furniture")

3. Open the style palette, tab Model, typ "City Furniture")

4. style editing, ad new style, and open the edit style menu

5. load your model over the Model-URI

6. Drag your model on to the points of your shp-file


I tried this wiht a model of a trash can made with google sketch up and exportet with the proversion into different formats. I tried *.3ds, *.dae, *.dxf, *.fbx and *.obj.

The only file format that worked correct is 3ds.

fbx works to but the model is much bigger (in my test with the trash can 3ds = normal ; fbx = bigger than my buildings)

dae you don't even see the model in the preview

dxf and obj you can see in the preview but after dragging them on to the points there gone (ore invisible, i don't know)






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Re: inserting 3d model on right spot

01-11-2013 04:54 PM in reply to: Robert_Fritz

I am trying to get a FBX exported from 3ds Max Design to import to the correct location in AIM. I have a specific xy shift that was used in MAX but no matter how I set the file import the file I can’t see it in AIM.

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