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IMX Surface Broken when inserted in AIM

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07-05-2012 09:03 PM



I have 5 Base SUrfaces in 5 diffrent Civil 3D DWGs, I exported each surface to IMX. When I inserted all the IMX in AIM, one of the surfaces have missing area...around 11 KM to be exact (the entire project is 190KM). I tried doin the same steps in diffrent machines but I got the same result all the time. I even tried exporting to LandXML but the same area is missing.


I'm pretty sure that the Surface are there in Civil 3D. It seems like the exporting to IMX has some bugs, The Civil 3D SUrface is complete in Civil 3D it is just weird that the IMX is broken or something. Please help me on this...


I cannot attach screenshots coz I am not allowed, the project is quite confidential (and it's frustrating to have this problem).


Hope anyone can help. Thanks! By the way, I am using Infrastructure Design Suite premium 2013.

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Re: IMX Surface Broken when inserted in AIM

07-26-2012 06:25 AM in reply to: mbyee28

I am also getting a missing rectangle in my imported imx file. I just reduced the size of the sampled surface and it went away. I wonder if you can make several tiled surfaces and import each one to make the problem go away?

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Re: IMX Surface Broken when inserted in AIM

07-30-2012 09:43 PM in reply to: TimSR

Thanks! I subdivided the main surface in Civil 3D and export to IMX and it looks better...


I have another problem though, the satellite image which I will use in AIM has its original rectangular boundary showing while overlayed in AIM making areas in the surface looks black. Is there a way to edit the image so that it will trim and will not show the dark areas of the image boundaries? I tried cropping the Image using Raster Design but it will still show the rectangular boundary? I dont want to re-subdivide my surface again just for this...I'm doing too much cropping of my surface already...  :smileysad:

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Re: IMX Surface Broken when inserted in AIM

07-31-2012 03:47 AM in reply to: mbyee28

Can you give some more infos about the imagery you are trying to use, such as: image format (e.g., GeoTIFF, JPEG, ECW, ...), pixel format (e.g., greyscale, RGB, RGBA, ...), number of files (e.g., just a single file or several files/tiles, that get stitched together by AIM)?


You probably have 2 options:

  1. mask the unwanted/black areas as fully transparent ones in an additional ALPHA layer for that imagery (I don't know the concrete steps in RasterDesign for this...), or
  2. you can also do some simple masking in AIM by specifying a color used for as a "color mask" during the import of the raster dataset on the "Raster" tab; however, this only works reasonably well for uncompressed or losslessly-compressed image formats (such as uncompressed GeoTIFFs or PNG, but never for JPEG, ECW, or MrSID), since only those parts of the image are masked as transparent, that exactly match the given "color mask"
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