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Importing pipes

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02-13-2012 09:28 PM



Myself and a colleuge have been having issues importing pipe data in any format. After several days of trial and error we can't seem to get anything in there.


At the moment we have managed to import shape files and rasters to make a very convincing looking terrain, and then had a lot of fun adding roads and buildings. However importing any pipe data from from Civil 3D (2012) exported as DWG, SHP, IMX, LandXML or SDF all end in failure, where by the pipes and connectors are imported and configured but will not display.


The workflow we use is to import a dwg into Civil 3D which has polylines of the utilites we need to import. We make sure the coordinate system is correctly set, and generate a 3D representation of the pipeline (using the startup video tutorial) and then attempt to export it. We then have tried multiple export and import choices, but no luck. This is probably where we are going wrong. 


Is there anyone who has had a similar issue, or can walk us (step by step, we are new!) through the procedure? I love infrastructure modeler and this the main hurdle to overcome until it would become the perfect tool for us.

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Re: Importing pipes

02-14-2012 01:30 AM in reply to: r.j.w.cross

Importing should work for all of the file types you listed above. Have you tried to assign an appropriate "pipe" and/or "pipe connector" style in the data import wizard (see attached screenshot)?

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Re: Importing pipes

02-14-2012 06:03 PM in reply to: konstantin.baumann

Hi Konstantin


We did have both of those selected, although today after more trial and error, came upon our error.

Our surface shp file is huge so we were avoiding using it in civil 3D. Thus we had been creating the pipe network without a surface, so the pipe network must not have been completed properly in Civil 3D and thus the export files must not have had all the required information.


Thanks for your time :smileyhappy:

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