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Hardware for IM

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02-12-2012 06:07 AM

I just got my new workstation up, and kicking!

IM is so effective in useing hardware I´m serious impressed.


2x240gb Kingston SSD´s, lots of ram/3gb GTX 580, and a I7-2700k at 4.9 GHz is makeing a joy out of even the Wellington 1m data, with roads everything


The SSD thing is most important, even if hurts in the wallet ha ha.

I´m so facinated by this software, it´s very adaptive to huge datasets if hardware enough, I used Cityscape a lot, and IM is holding up just fine..


I miss driveing a car though :smileywink:, it is very useful for line of sight testing.


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Re: Hardware for IM

02-13-2012 10:40 AM in reply to: knurrebusk

Great feedback!  Really important to know what kind of hardware is working for folks.


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Re: Hardware for IM

02-17-2012 10:03 AM in reply to: cjandrews22

I made one mistake with the SSD´s!, installed it all in IDE mode, confident I could fix AHCI mode later, via regedit etc, or bootcommands.


Nope!!, bluescreen whatever I did when enabled it, so 3 more days of installing Os etc, I´m back to what I wanted finally.

It´s not the speed, it´s the handeling of many small files ver large files so on, and many other stuff I needed.


Raid is not needed if lot´s ram, so very happy with 1 for OS/programfiles, 1 for users/documents.


This I forgot to post on the wall when was impatient to use my old IDE OS.


So take Care when leave your IDE Life behind.


Originally Posted by Intel
Warning Enabling AHCI or RAID after installing the operating system is not recommended or supported when a Serial ATA hard drive is the boot drive. Enabling AHCI or RAID after installing the operating system may cause an immediate blue screen with an 0x0000007b error code, followed by a reboot. If you wish to use AHCI or RAID, they should be enabled before installing the operating system.
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