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AIM importing raster get the an error "there is no valid data source to import"

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06-26-2012 01:37 AM

hi all thanks for taking the time to review and answer.

as the title i get the following erroe when i try to import a raster to overlay. it will import the file if i change it to a
.BMP?? but not a jpeg, tif ect.

the problem is when i import as BMP it takes a long time have managed to import 1 raster in sucessfully as BMP nothing showed up... all other times coumputer usally gives up - workstation is fairly good spec to..


i left one to run overnigt when i came in the next morning it said there was 24hours remaning i checked the TileCache in the project folder and it had exceeded 3GB this cant be right??


any one have a solution??


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Re: AIM importing raster get the an error "there is no valid data source to

07-20-2012 07:00 AM in reply to: david

note, that BMP is usually not used for raster overlays since there is no standard way to georeference this type of images...


in order to drap a raster file onto the terrain surface that raster needs to be georeferenced (and you need to know the coordinate system for that georeferencing information).


to start with: do you have the georeferencing information (e.g. of the lower left and upper right corner) and the corresponding coordinate system at hand?


you get best results with georeferenced GeoTIFFs, georeferenced JPEGs, ECWs, and MrSID files, BTW...

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