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Visual Studio and dotnetviewersample problem

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07-03-2008 05:09 AM

I downloaded the dotnetviewersample and want o make a Visual Studio 2008 project of it. After copying the sample code to the MG-Extensions-www directory and the MG-dlls to the bin directory, I opened the directory as Website. Trying to compile, I came across the following problems ...

1) Type or Namespace JsonObject was not found => I took the proper namespace Jayrock.Json ... works!

2) File \query\property.aspx could not be found =>

The file C:\Programme\Autodesk\MapGuideEnterprise2009\WebServerExtensions\www\DOTNETVIEWERSAMPLE\QUERY\property.aspx could not be found.

=>not strange, because it is stored in the directory \query\classes\property.aspx ... but where is this path stored?... in a binary? I have not found it in the code and moved the file in the directory above ... dirty but seems to work ...

3) The path /utilityfunctions.aspx could not be assigned. ... corrected some wrong include paths, but can't eleminate this error ... any ideas are welcom?

A downloadable Visual Studio website solution would be great ... ;-)

Has anyone experiences with dotnetviewersample and visual studio? ...

Best regards ...

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