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user object data

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04-27-2008 11:37 PM
Hi everyone

Many people asked about how to access to user data objects. I think the best way is this:

Dim cls_manager As Autodesk.Gis.Map.Classification.ClassificationManager = Nothing
cls_manager = Autodesk.Gis.Map.HostMapApplicationServices.Application.ActiveProject.Classific ationManager

Dim objClass_Property As FeatureClassPropertyCollection = New FeatureClassPropertyCollection()
Dim list_values As System.Collections.ArrayList = Nothing

cls_manager.GetProperties(objClass_Property, list_values, objId)
Dim Class_Property As FeatureClassProperty = Nothing

For Each Class_Property In objClass_Property
Dim propName As System.String = Class_Property.Name
Dim propValue As String = Class_Property.DefaultValue.ToString
Utility.ShowMsg(vbNewLine & propName)
Utility.ShowMsg(vbNewLine & propValue)

I hope it will be useful for someone. . .
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