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Use alias to mount the network drive

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04-01-2014 01:52 AM
Do anyone know how can I mount the network drive by using the alias in site administrator? I tried to create a new alias which the path is e.g. Z:\folder1, finally I cannot find the new alias in AIMS studio! The folder (Z:\folder1) must be able to access by the administrator. It is only work if the path is the local drives! Thanks.
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Re: Use alias to mount the network drive

04-04-2014 09:09 AM in reply to: ericsn.tang

MapGuide/AIMS runs as a Service:  Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Servies


In the Infrastructure Map Server 2014 - in the Log On tab, rather than using the "Local System Account", you will need to log in with a user that is:


1. A local Admin on the computer where AIMS is Installed

2. Able to see the network share where you store your files


Restart the AIMS service...



You can't use a mapped drive - you will have to use UNC path names in the alias.



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