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Session has expired or is invalid?

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08-30-2011 07:46 AM



I have a Mapguide Enterprise 2011 Fusion map on a Windows 2008 R2 server that is continually getting stuck or stalling when someone tries to access the map. In order to fix the issue, I do a complete reboot of the server and that does the trick, however, this is not ideal. In the Error.log I get the following information when the map is inaccessible:


<2011-08-30T08:22:36>  2192 Fusion Viewer 
 Error: Session has expired or is invalid. Please log in again.
  - MgSiteServiceHandler.ProcessOperation() line 83 file d:\build\grandprix\build_53.5\ent\os\server\src\services\site\SiteServiceHandler.cpp
  - MgOpAuthenticate.Execute() line 107 file d:\build\grandprix\build_53.5\ent\os\server\src\services\site\OpAuthenticate.cpp
  - MgServerSiteService.Authenticate() line 709 file d:\build\grandprix\build_53.5\ent\os\server\src\services\site\ServerSiteService.cpp
  - MgSecurityManager.Authenticate() line 224 file d:\Build\GrandPrix\BUILD_53.5\Ent\OS\Server\src\Common\Manager\SecurityManager.cpp
  - MgSessionCache.GetSessionInfo() line 175 file d:\Build\GrandPrix\BUILD_53.5\Ent\OS\Server\src\Common\Manager\SessionCache.cpp 



Does anyone have a solution to this, I am getting tired of having to constantly restart the server.


Thanks in advance!!



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Re: Session has expired or is invalid?

09-20-2011 11:36 PM in reply to: emluv

Is this thread related?

Daniel Du
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Re: Session has expired or is invalid?

09-21-2011 07:22 AM in reply to: Daniel.Du



Yes, the threads are related. I posted this beofre I saw the other thread.


I have tried almost everything and still no luck getting Mapguide to stop periodically stalling.


I added a $featureReader-->Close(); to some code I had and it still is stalling. I have attached the code, do you mind taking a look and seeing if I missed something?


I am desperate to get this fixed, any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Thanks, Emily


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