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SDF for Mapguide 6.5 via SDF Loader 6.3

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08-16-2010 11:13 PM

We have a server running MapGuide 6.5 that is using SDF created via a script file that is utilizing the SDFLoader.


The issue is that the script file locks up when processing the Sidewalk layer.

I use a trial and error method to narrow it down to a specific layer and a specific line in the script file.

The script file is Test.bat and the drawing is sidewalk.dwg. (attachment)


  1. Any suggestion as to how I can solve what in the drawing is preventing the script from creating the SDF file.
  2. I would like to convert the original script file SDFOUT.bat to a process where I am using, say Map3D 2010 to create the SDF file for MapGuide 6.5.  Any suggestions.
  3. I am not the creator of the SDFOUT.bat, so where can I get information on the syntax of the SDFLoader so that I can figure out what the script file is doing and duplicate the process in Map3D 2010.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: SDF for Mapguide 6.5 via SDF Loader 6.3

08-17-2010 06:03 AM in reply to: mfernandes

something is wrong in your dwg, try clean up with map, convert from map manully to sdf MapGuide  6.5 format  an then reimport to dwg and after that try again with sdf. If you use MG 65. try sdf loader 6.5.




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