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Problems upon trying to load Raster Files

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04-18-2007 11:54 AM

I’m experiencing some problems upon trying to load raster files on Studio 2007. I,ve already read many topics related to my problem , however, none of then helped me to find a solution. I tried to load the raster files using both GDAL Raster Provider and Autodesk Raster Provider. The first one seems to work, but when I create a map resource nothing appears besides the legend. When I drag the desired raster files to the map project (in order to apply the second method), Mapguide Studio always request with a failure like “ Server do not support request provider: Autodesk.raster.” Different versions of the “Autodesk raster provider” are being used (3.0 in Server and 3.1 in MGStudio Trial version), may it be the cause of my problem?

Rodrigo Kuriyama
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Re: Problems upon trying to load Raster Files

04-23-2007 03:56 PM in reply to: Kuriyama
Are you uploading to Enterprise or Opensource? The mismatch of providers will likely cause some grief. The versions installed in both Studio and Server should match.

When trying to debug the problems I find the best place to start is with a Map. If the layer preview fails then create a new map and drag the raster layer into it. If the coordinate system or bounds of the map aren't set you need to fix those. If these aren't set this implies something in the original datasource is missing something.

If the coordinate system appears then you can manually set the bounds to see the data. The challenge lies in knowing what to set the bounds to. This is where it helps to have a vector (non-raster) layer as a reference. Create a map with the vector layer first and ensure the bounds should encompass where the raster is. Then add the raster layer to the map and see if it previews. If not use the bounds on the vector map to set them on your raster map and see if it previews by itself.

The Autodesk Raster provider is no longer supported in Opensource. You should remove the references to it from your providers.xml in both the Server and Studio (don't remove it from Studio if you connect to an Enterprise server as well as an Opensource server). That being the case you will have to register and follow the user list for help on the GDAL Raster provider.

Another reference is here:


Dave Wilson
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