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Polygon Digitize Issue

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07-28-2008 04:00 AM
Hi All,

I am trying to Digitize a polygon and add it to existing Featuresource in mapguide 2009. I could able to digitize the polygon and add it usingFeatureService-->UpdateFeature. But I could not able to see the polygon added to the layer. Anybody please help me where i am doing mistake. Following is the code

string coordData = txtCat.Text;
coordData = coordData.Substring(0, coordData.Length - 1);
Array coord = coordData.Split(',');

for (int i = 0; i < coord.Length - 1; i++)
string xyVal = (string)coord.GetValue(i);
string[] xy = xyVal.Split(' ');
double pX = Convert.ToDouble ( xy.GetValue(0).ToString ());
double pY = Convert.ToDouble(xy.GetValue(1).ToString());


MgUserInformation UserInfo = new MgUserInformation(wsSession);
MgSiteConnection siteConn = new MgSiteConnection();
MgResourceService wsRSService = (MgResourceService)(siteConn.CreateService(MgServiceType.ResourceService));
//MgMappingService wsMap = (MgMappingService)(siteConn.CreateService(MgServiceType.MappingService));
MgFeatureService wsFeatService = (MgFeatureService)(siteConn.CreateService(MgServiceType.FeatureService));
//string mapRes = "Library://India/Hyderabad/Floor_1/Data/WS.FeatureSource";
//MgResourceIdentifier mgMapRes = new MgResourceIdentifier(mapRes);
//map = new MgMap();
//map.Create(wsRSService, mgMapRes, "Floor1_Map");


string wsFeatSource = "Library://Australia/Perth/Floor_1/Data/WS.FeatureSource";

MgResourceIdentifier wsRSIdentifier = new MgResourceIdentifier(wsFeatSource);
Boolean featSourceExist = false;
featSourceExist = DoesResourceExist(wsRSIdentifier, wsRSService);
if (featSourceExist)
MgPropertyCollection propColl = new MgPropertyCollection();
MgStringProperty strProp = new MgStringProperty("NAME", "POLY A");

MgWktReaderWriter wkReadWrite = new MgWktReaderWriter();
MgAgfReaderWriter agfReadWrite = new MgAgfReaderWriter();

MgLinearRing pExterior = geomFact.CreateLinearRing(polyData);

MgPolygon newPoly = geomFact.CreatePolygon (pExterior,null);

MgByteReader byteReader = agfReadWrite.Write(newPoly);

propColl.Add (new MgStringProperty ("Test","Test" ));

propColl.Add (new MgGeometryProperty ("SHPGEOM",byteReader));

MgFeatureCommandCollection featCmd = new MgFeatureCommandCollection();
featCmd.Add (new MgInsertFeatures ("Poly",propColl ));
wsFeatService.UpdateFeatures(wsRSIdentifier, featCmd, false);




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