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Oracle FDO Provider

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07-19-2006 03:39 PM
I am evaluating MapGuide Enterprise 2007 and the released Oracle FDO provider. We had real problems with stability and performance with the beta. I do see a real improvement in stability from the beta (no crashes yet!), but performance remains poor. Studio Performance is abysmal, and map performance is less than stellar (and I only have a couple of layers). I turned on Oracle FDO logging by setting the GVC_TRACE_FILE environmental variable, and the logs show some real craziness.

The FDO appears to be generating metadata about all the tables on every map request (and seemingly for everything). For example, I get this query for every table in my database FOR EVERY MAP REQUEST.

!!107713: /5400
select d.sdo_dimname as dimension from all_sdo_geom_metadata, table(diminfo) d w
here owner = 'XXXXX' and table_name = 'XXXXXX' and column_name = 'SHAPE'
Cum. E: 1961.96, CPU: U 400.06, S 94.94

What gives? Any ideas?

Joel Carranza
Gatekeeper Systems
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