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Infrastructure Map Server General Discussion

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MapGuide Enterprise Vs MapGuide Open Source.

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02-10-2011 01:12 AM

Hi there everyone I'm a newbie who needs some help.

My company is looking to do some work using AutoDesk MapGuide and we are not sure whether to use the Enterprise package or the Open source one. We're not overly concerned about the costs of the Enterprise package but are about the functionality particularly at the nitty gritty developers level. We've developed with various other mapping tools in the past e.g. Manifold, MapInfo and all have their particular quirks.

We'd probably want to use a back end database such as SQL Server to store maps/datasets.


1. Has anyone came across any show stoppers or performance issues with either one?

2. How quick do issues or bugs get turned around with the 2 editions?

3. We have to digitise\draw points, line, polygons etc.

4. Serve and view maps online.


Feel free to suggest or ask further questions if you would like.


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Re: MapGuide Enterprise Vs MapGuide Open Source.

02-11-2011 12:53 AM in reply to: bsheehy

If you're primarily serving vector datasets, you're not going to find much difference in the Open Source and Enterprise versions. If you use raster imagery, then there is a difference. The enteprise version uses an Autodesk built and supported raster provider while the Open Source version uses a GDAL wrapped provider whose performance and reliability is an unknown quantity, though from what I've heard it is doing better in the reliability deparment with recent releases. Other than that, the data support and publishing capabilities of both versions are mostly the same. 


The APIs of the Open Source version are the same with the Enterprise version.


As to the turnaround time of issues or bugs, Enterprise has a yearly release cycle which normally would accumulate any bug fixes made in that time. The open source version has a somewhat unpredictable release cycle as release management is handled by the community instead of a billion dollar software company :smileywink:, your bugs may get fixed quite quickly in the open source version, but it is hard to gauge when the next release will be made that has these fixes rolled in, especially if you balk at the though of building the entire MapGuide source yourself.


Enterprise is a good choice if you want consistent releases. You bug fixes or feature enhancements may take a year to arrive, but you can expect a new release to arrive consistently around the same period each year. Support comes with the Enterprise version, while with the Open Source version, you only options are the mapguide-users mailing list or paid consultancy.


The map viewer has builtin digitizing functionality, but you need to do some custom development to process the digitized objects. The map viewer is the same in both Enteprise and Open Source versions.


The Enterprise and Open Source versions have their own authoring tools (MapGuide Studio and MapGuide Maestro respectively). Nothing's stopping your from using MapGuide Studio against a compatible Open Source version or Maestro against an Enterprise version, but MapGuide Studio only comes with the Enteprise version and is not available as a standalone product, meaning if you go the Open Source version your only choice of authoring tool is Maestro.


Hope that makes the differences clearer


- Jackie

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Re: MapGuide Enterprise Vs MapGuide Open Source.

02-11-2011 01:47 AM in reply to:

Cheers Jackie much appreciated.

I guess I'm leaning towards tried and tested offical Enterprise version just for consistenceny and ease of setup. In the past I've used Manifold and there approach\support to fixing bugs was very poor and part of me thinks that the open source version might have the benefit on this front.

Decisions, decisions....

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