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mapguide and central user management

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03-06-2011 01:51 AM

Hello all,

i want to authenticate mapguide's users from a central access system like LDAP or CAS!

i'm trying to find a way to have a central user management on mapguide, something like LDAP or CAS.
have you ever done such a thing? how?
thanks in advance

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Re: mapguide and central user management

03-08-2011 08:04 AM in reply to: abolghasemi

I am trying to figure this out too!


in my case, i actually dont mind just logging anonymous all the time, but my applications need users to login via LDAP through apache basic auth. i was able to get user to log in though apache basic auth and my maps logging in anonymously (through php script) and that was working for a bit, then for some reason, after a few page loads, it doesn't work anymore, i keep getting permission denied on my maps. i think they are interfering with each other!


if you do find something, please post it. I will do the same.



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