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Infrastructure Map Server 2012 Search widget Bug

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06-16-2011 02:49 PM

Hi everyone


I'm suggesting here a solution I personally found for a bug in Infrastructure Map Server 2012 search widget using Fusion flexible layout. (I don't know if previous versions are affected too)


You should be able to reproduce this JavaScript error (which completely freezes and crashes both Firefox and Safari, probably others) if you try to search for a term which leads to No Results (Error Page).


I use a $uservariable LIKE property search condition for the widget.


I finally found out that this depends on a JS code mispelling present in www/fusion/widgets/Search/ErrorPage.templ at line 59.


You have:


while (!node.fusion && node.parent)


You should have


while (!node.Fusion && node.parent)


with the capital F.


That's all. Let know if You are able to reproduce this problem and solve it, so maybe someone at AUTODESK will solve this in next Service Pack.


greetings from Italy :smileywink:



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