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how to get property from sdf?

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07-28-2010 07:05 AM



i want to create a search with some drop down lists. the lists are not a problem but the content of these.

in my sdf i´ve got parcels with there id, area and the names of the owners. now i want to get the names of all owners from the sdf to put them into the dropdownlist so the user can choose a owner from the list to search a parcel.


i know how to get features out of the sdf with a filter, but i dont know how to get only the properties out of the sdf.

when i open the expression builder for a layer i can choose the property and the values of them.. so it must be posiible to get the properties of a SDF and the values of them


can someone tell me how i get the propeties and values to create the search with dropdownlists?

is it possible to use a select-statement with sdf?


comment: i develope with php and use mapguide enterprise 2010/2011

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Re: how to get property from sdf?

12-02-2010 03:12 PM in reply to: kleenesani

This sounds like a great feature request for the SEARCH functionality in MapGuide.  It would be great if the user can get a (select distinct) for certain columns in the search so that they could select from a dropdown list.


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