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bounding box and liteview

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11-26-2002 08:57 AM
I have liteview installed and the sample application works fine. However,when
I try to view my own mwf the map is blank. I am sure it is a problem with the bounding box values.
I took the center lat long values of our map and created a rectangle around it to get the box values.
We use NAD 83 CA coordinate system when authoring our mwf , is that a problem?
The numbers I used for the bbox are 37.41,-122.19,37.47,-122.10
Any clues??

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Re: bounding box and liteview

12-01-2002 06:27 PM in reply to: swati
try 37.41,-122.10,37.47,-122.19
^^^ ^^^
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Re: bounding box and liteview

12-05-2002 10:05 PM in reply to: swati
Hi, The bounding box coordinate must be in the same coordinate system as what you served the data in your mwf. For example, if you use State Plane coordinates, you must use the state plane coordinates instead of latitude/longitude for your bounding box value.

Hope this helps.

Yongjun Lei
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