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Impression R.3

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02-18-2011 11:46 PM

Hello all,


I am a long time Revit subscriber and beta tester for Adesk.  Two years ago,  I was forced into a sabbatical do to illness.  Subsequently, my Revit  subscription expired and all the forums seemed to change during my absence.  I have been fortunate, and am coming back to form.  Also, I am happy to say I am still beta testing presently, and my user name there is Bill Cooper. 


To the point.  When Impression went to ver. 3, I did receive a licensed copy, just like everyone here (I presume).

Unfortunately, my serial number text file is waylaid, and so I am in that quandary.


I am certainly not asking for a post or pm with the serial from the general membership.  I am politely requesting that if an Adesk admin or forum leader happens upon this message, and can help out, I am available by email in my profile.  I should be easy enough to find, and I hope my records are still in tact.  I bought my first Revit seat in 2004 from Ketiv in Orange County, then renewed some years later though L.A Cad.  I believe my account was under the name Meridian Design Studio.  I also haunted the Augi forums as BillyGrey for years. I've met Scott Davis, and visited his old firm before he became a technical specialist with Acad.


I'd sure like to reinstall my old Impression 3 on my new workstation and be able to save my work, and get back up to speed.


Thank you in advance if you can help out a legit Impression user.



Bill Cooper

Meridian Design Studio

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Re: Impression R.3

10-19-2011 12:04 PM in reply to: BambooBill

Probably you have solved this issue by now.

Just in case this is not the situation, let me tell you the Impression 3 installer does not request a serial number.




Max V. 

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