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Exporting to PDF as vector lines

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03-01-2010 04:51 AM

Does anyone know if it is possible to export to vector format in Impression? For our renders we will need to include a title frame with the render which inlcudes dwg numbers, date and other info. This needs to match other drawings in the set created in CAD or COREL. In CAD or Corel when pdf'ing or printing a dwg the lines and text of a title frame are exported as vector lines so are nice and crisp. In Impression they don't.. Impression seems to rasterise everything.

I can bring the frames in from CAD no problem and edit the text attributes no problem but when printing or pdfing the whole title frame is blurred and fuzzy as it has been reasterised, even at 300dpi, (which greatly increases the file size)

Does anyone know if Impression can do this? The only other way I can do this is to export the Impression render out as a jpeg and then re-insert to CAD or Corel, which is adds time, especially when working on large numbers of dwgs

*Nick Van Laar
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Re: Exporting to PDF as vector lines

03-02-2010 12:02 PM in reply to: jameswelch8411
No, no vector output. (.eps might be, but I kinda doubt it) Feel free to
add it to the wish list.
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